Winston the Yellow Labrador Retriever

By the title, I’m sure you figured out this isn’t going to be a blog post about an adventure….and you’re right. My blog is about my adventures and other tidbits about me so I wanted to share a bit about my little guy, Winston.

Meet Winston — A 7 month-old playful, loving, curious Labrador Retriever

Here’s a little backstory of how Winston became part of our family…

My boyfriend and I traveled about an hour and a half up to Kirland, Arizona to pick him up. Since the passing of my sweet 13 year-old boxer, Gigi, two years ago, I finally felt it was time to allow a new puppy to have the same love and care Gigi had her whole life. Labs have always been one of my favorite dogs, so when we finally arrived, I was more than ready to meet little Winston.

After talking to the breeder and getting knowledge about his background, we began our trip back home with our newest addition to the family. Since my boyfriend was driving, Winston sat with me most of the time, changing positions from my lap to behind my head spread across the top of the seat. I fed him some kibbles and brought along a toy and blanket to help him feel more secure.

Winston was already potty trained, so I had it pretty lucky with that. He loves the outdoors so keeping the potty training going was pretty easy. Being the quick learner that he is, I was able to teach him sit, shake (what I call “paw”), and high five. High five is probably my favorite; he sits on his butt and puts both paws in the air.. not really a high five but it’s his unique version of it.

This picture is of Winston a few days after he was brought home. Some of his favorite hobbies were sniffing the grass and getting some pieces stuck to his nose. He still is very much an outdoorsy dog; I guess you can say he’s just like him mom and dad. Now, he loves to play fetch, swim, go on car rides, walks, and enjoy the sun rays.

Fast forward to today and still being in his puppy stage, he enjoys to test his limits on what he can and can’t do… this includes tearing the stuffing and squeakers out of every toy mom buys for him. Quickly realizing that he needs more durable toys, we are still in our trial toy stage to see what stands up to the wrath of Mr. Winston. Even though many of his toys have seen better days, it doesn’t stop him from presenting his favorite toy to say hello to us. So yes, that half chewed, stuffing-less toy is his way of showing his love. What a wonderful addition to the family, and I can’t wait to see him grow up.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting… enjoy some more photos of Winston.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

-Otto Von Bismarck

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