Taking a Trip to the Wild Side — Bearizona

Upon taking that last turn and seeing the sign…. “Welcome to Bearizona”, my face went into an automatic smile. After always seeing advertisements and hearing people talking about this place, I was finally here. Bearizona has always been a place I wanted to visit, especially since I have such a soft spot for animals. As mentioned in my Best Surprise Birthday Road Trip blog, I was lucky enough to finally get to experience it!

I was just chillin’ in the bear chair

What is Bearizona?

Bearizona is a 160-acre “zoo” located in Williams, Arizona. This park has 3-acres of drive-thru areas that allow for an up-close and personal feel with the animals. Many enclosures allow for windows to be down, except for the bears and wolves… for good reason I suppose. Even through windows, it doesn’t stop you from having a great experience with the animals. They are able to walk anywhere they please to in the enclosure, including across the pathway for the cars — so as a reminder please be careful when driving.

Weather Expectancy

Being located in Williams, which is just 30 minutes west of Flagstaff, the four seasons are in full swing here. Staying around 80 degree Fahrenheit in the summer time, it allows for the animals to stay cool in this Arizona weather. When winter comes, the temperatures can surely drop, with the possibility of snowfall, be sure to bring jackets and always check the weather forecast if planing on visiting during this time.

What To Do in Bearizona?

Along with the drive-thru portion of this wildlife zoo, there is also the ability to explore the 20-acre walk-thru enclosure. Here you will find smaller animals and even baby animals when the time is right. Bearizona offers the opportunity to pet some cute little animals in their “Bearizona Barnyard” petting zoo — don’t miss this!

There are also many exhibits to check out including “creepy crawlies” and other exclusive animals to see, including little bears that are just young enough to need special care before entering the adult enclosure.

Want to learn more about the animals? Well, you’re in luck, Bearizona also has informational shows throughout the day that are really awesome to see. When I went, the animal for meet-and-greet was a cute little porcupine. The zookeeper shared all these interesting facts and performed a few cute tricks with treats as rewards.

For more information about the shows click here to check it out.

Overall Experience

I’m the type of person that loves to see animals in their natural habitats with acres and acres to roam free. With Bearizona being a sanctuary and a zoo, they do an awesome job of keeping the roaming capacity to its fullest for the animals. I would recommend Bearizona to any animal lover out there and also to anyone who just wants to see some cool animals and spend some time in Williams, Arizona.

“If we can’t excite people about wildlife, how can you convince them to love, cherish, and protect our wildlife and the environment they live in?”

-Steve Irwin

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