Taking a Trip to the town of Pine, Arizona

Not many know of this little town called Pine, but it sure is a cool place to check out. Located off the SR-260 in Arizona, Pine is a nice getaway when you want to break-free from the city and enjoy the great outdoors.

There are a lot of mom and pop shops that help keep the “small town feel” alive. When the weather is right, Pine also has hiking and walking paths available.

Back in December 2019, my boyfriend and I went up for a few weeks to get out of the city and enjoy some time for ourselves. The day we got up there, Pine just had a snow storm. Luckily enough, it snowed for another day and a half — we love snow so it was really pretty.

Snow-covered landscape
Elk just casually walking through the backyard

The closest town to Pine is Payson, which is also a really neat town to check out as well. With it only being about 15-20 minutes away, Payson sure isn’t one to miss out on either. Besides, there are pretty mountains and curves along the way that create for some cool photo opportunities.

Along the highway to Payson

Kindness is like snow — It beautifies everything it covers.

-Kahlil Gibran

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